Infra Red Reader – Used to transfer data from an RFID to a spreadsheet

There is a program available to do this but setting it up to read the ports is difficult. This program will not only get the id off the RFID chip but it can take in data from other ports as well. Here is an image of the set-up screen used to select the input ports:

IIR Reader Setup

The code was written first u sing Processing. Processing runs continuously in a loop. As a result the data it picked up and transmitted to the port was not always consistent. Finally I found that writing the code as an Eclipse plug in would work on an old Mac carbon. There are several layers of security on a Mac that made this difficult to get the code to work. Since the code was written in Java using Eclipse, it will work on any platform.

JAX has this code in production. They are just using it as a transfer tool from the Trovan IIR to a spreadsheet. They are using Macs compatable with the Mac OS X 10.4.11 “Tiger” . The different levels of security made installing the program on their machines difficult.

I would like to see this code written to save all data to a text file so it can be load in bulk to a database. Also I would like to add more ports so many data points can be recorded per id. Please contact me if this code will be of use to you.