Estimator Program - Make your time estimates and track the time it takes to do the project.

The estimator is a tool for tracking the time estimated to do a project and for keeping track of the time that is put into the project.


This program grew out of a spreadsheet with about 11 tabs used to predict the cost of building a house. Each tab represents a different component of a house project. The materials and time estimates are worked out in the spreadsheet. The time estimates from the spreadsheets are entered into the Estimator for the project.

The builders fill out their time sheets at the end of the shift. The time for each component is entered into the Estimator. With these two processes in place, the project manager can track how well the project is progressing or how well the estimator did the estimating or a little of both.

That was a quick overview of this tool. There are about 650 sub components that the contractor is following within the 11 components. Everyone does not get paid the same rate and they do get raises. The program has been written so the cost per hour is tracked as well.

Time sheet entry form: The Selection section is for finding timesheet for a particular job, project, component, and sub. It is also use to pre fill data entry.

Timsheet Entry Form

Estimating sheet entry form:

Estimate Entry Form

Part of the final report: The report can show just the estimated, actual and difference of hours for the staff. Another report shows the hours plus cost per sub component and component.

Final Report

Summary The Estimator program can be adapted to other projects besides construction. It is just a process of setting up a job, a project with in the job, components for the project, and then the sub components for the components. Please feel free to contact me for your program need.