Moving to WinHost

GoDaddy has great telephone support and they are always willing to sell you something. Even the user interface is full of advertising. It is hard to navigate. There is even a pop-up that has to be closed before you can get to work. One of the first rules of programming for me is for the user absolutely no more clicks of the mouse than what is absolutely necessary. Another web hosting company was a little expensive for what I need to do for my web sites. After much research I settled on WinHost. The learning curve is a little step for a guy coming out of hibernation. I hope this guide will make it easier for you to make a manual move of DotNetNuke from an old web hosting company to WinHost.

Here is a list of steps I took to get my sites up and running. It took a few tickets, request on the forums, and web searching to connect the dots.

  1. There is no file manager on WinHost so ftp is needed. FileZilla works well.
  2. There is no zipping or unzipping on WinHost's site
  3. Get a WinHost account. I am doing the Max plan.
  4. Put this information into a convenient place (so it can be found when needed:
    1. User name (id) for the account.
    2. Password for account.
    3. Note the email account that you will be using for communication with WinHost and forums.
    4. FTP user name which is first 7 characters of the site name.
    5. FTP password is the same as your control panel password.
    6. SQL Server: user id
    7. SQL Server: password
    8. Name servers
  5. Backup database on old host.
  6. Download database
  7. Zip up dnn files on the old host and download.
  8. Create a database for the dnn application and capture the connection string, user id and password.
  9. Move database to WinHost and restore database to the server with the same version as the old host.
  10. Unzip the dnn files on a local machine in a directory that can be referred to easily by FileZilla.
  11. Create a folder on WinHost such as /dnn which will be set as the Application Starting Point.
  12. In the web.config file, update the connection string to work with the WinHost.
  13. Set trust level in webconfig file to full.
  14. Upload dnn files to WinHost in small segments. Do the bin folder by itself.
  15. Set the Domain Pointers for the sites you will be hosting in dnn.
  16. Go to your Domain manager and point the Domain names to WinHost name servers.
  17. Create a default.aspx page to put into your root directory to point the requests to the /dnn folder. (See below)

The WinHost forum is a separate user account from the hosting account.

Next steps:

  • Remove /dnn from the url.
  • Learn to use the remote IIS.
  • Build a few more websites.
  • Learn the mail system.

Details and gotchas in setting up the account:

  • FileZilla setup for WinHost:
    In FileZilla, for the Host setting use the Secondary FTP found in the Site Info block.
  • When uploading with FileZilla, do small chunks at a time. Be sure to check for errors.

Configuration Error
Parser Error Message: Could not load type 'DotNetNuke.Web.Common.Internal.DotNetNukeHttpApplication'.
Server Error in '/dnn' Application.
Source File: /dnn/global.asax Line: 1
Preparing the web.config file
Connection string:
Find your connection string at: Sites Manager / MS SQL Manager / Manage Database – Connection String
How to remove the root directory from you website

Using a text editor, put this code in (Using EditPlus):

code goes here