A Little About Me

Programming and databases work started out as a hobby for me. Even with all the programs that exist, there is still a need for new applications. Every business has a different need. I find the challenge rewarding to produce a product that fills a need. For a few companies that I worked with, reports became my specialty. In one of my first assignments, I took over 200 lines of code and reduced it to 18 lines of code to produce the report. With in the 200 line of code, I saw the same pattern being repeated so I was able to reduce the code into loops. The most challenging thing about reports is getting all the information onto the page. The second challenge is organizing it into logical units that the user can comprehend. 

When I was working with the SmartWare Group, I was getting much experience working with SQL Server meta data and with writing scripts. Writing scrips was very helpful in cleaning out data and importing data from ACCESS to SQL Server. Imports came from other databases as well. The databases were spreadsheets,  flat files, and a few others databases as well.

Websites have been created using photographs, html and CSS. I planto do data driven web sites as well. There is a request in the queue for one.

Throw a request and a need my way. I will see what I can do with it.


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Client/server and database-driven IT Professional/Consultant experienced in software engineering, database programming, website development and network administration. Adept at listening to clients, gathering and analyzing data, and creating tools and technical solutions that increase efficiency and productivity. Skilled at solving code issues, finding and consolidating redundant code, fixing bugs, and creating consistent data. Creative problem-solver that researches options, follows-through to completion and produces effective solutions.



Hardware: PC’s, Windows 2003 Server (Enterprise Edition), PC workstations and networked mainframes

Software: Microsoft Products, Oracle, Microsoft Access 2003, Visual Studio.Net 2.0

O/S Systems: Windows OS, Windows Server 2003, Linux, and IBM AIX

Languages and Scripting: VB.NET, ASP, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, HTML, JavaScript, Powerbuilder, Visual Basic 6.0, XML, PL/SQL, Toad

Databases: Microsoft SQL Server 2005, DB2, Oracle, Sybase

Certifications: Microsoft Certified Professional (70-305, 70-229); Oracle SQL (0Z1-007)



Smartware Group, Center Harbor, ME 2006 – 2009

(Provider of client-server and web-based software, Bigfoot CMMS, sold and licensed via web)

Software Engineer

  • Imported and cleaned up data from Access, Excel, and CSV into core Bigfoot Web product. There were 3 main tables and each table had a least 4 tables with foreign keys.

  • Wrote code in VB.Net that imported data from Access Bigfoot Client/Server to Bigfoot Web SQL Server 2005, allowing customers to better understand data.

  • Moved database from Access to SQL Server; simplified ASP website by using 1 connection string for all ASP pages; simplified reporting by using views and stored procedures.

  • Wrote application that imported/exported data to/from Bigfoot Client/Server, importing/exporting files and tables on a continuous schedule. Prevented input of bad data.

  • As 2nd tier support for internal/external customers, facilitated database setup/cleanup.

  • Found and installed a source code library that developers used from different locations.

  • Wrote reports that:

    • using ASP.NET 2.0, helped support team schedule and track training, creating a view that combined 4 tables into 1 and a stored procedure to handle report filters;

    • showed customer’s database usage, using a stored procedure and ASP.NET so that company could follow up with customers that were not using the product;

    • tracked possible license misuse by showing login times for the same user from different IP addresses;

    • tracked email campaign from data downloaded from website, allowing management to more efficiently contact potential customers and eliminate uninterested parties

  • Performed administration duties on IIS Server and SQL Server:

    • trained trainer on setup of backup jobs on SQL Server 2005

    • set up batch job to defrag hard drives

  • Granted customers permission to view only non-proprietary data

Blue Tarp, Portland, ME (Placed by Robert Half) 2006

SQL Server Programmer

  • Wrote SQL scripts in T-SQL to move and transform data from tables in Microsoft SQL Server and Postgres. Wrote test plan for T-SQL code.

  • Found workable solution to a broken software tool by passing a table to Postgres database.


Picis, Inc, Wakefield, MA (Placed by Lowis & Associates) 2005


  • Documented and maintained Security Manager Program, increasing speed of maintenance and ease with which programmers can determine how and where a task works.

  • Acted as the helpdesk for the IDX environment, determining nature and extent of users’ issues and referring callers to appropriate problem resolution resource.

  • Wrote a utility in Powerbuilder that translated data in the database that can be used from the command line for program installation to another language.

The Hudson Group, Boston, MA 2004 -2005

Software Engineer and Report Specialist

  • Converted reports from VB reporting tool to VSR, rewriting SQL from the Shape tool to SQL Server and Access databases and simplifying the SQL for better upgrade maintenance.

  • Network administrator for program upgrades and fixes for reservation system

Independent Contractor/Software Engineer 1999-2002

Unisys, Tallahassee, FL (Placed by TEK Systems)

  • Used PowerBuilder and Oracle for Court Tracking system for Dual County.

State of Florida, Tallahassee, FL (Placed by Advanced System Design)

  • Maintained and wrote programs for distributed PowerBuilder. The database was IBM DB2.

State of Florida, Tallahassee, FL (Placed by Tybrin Corporation)

  • Wrote a Help Desk program by reverse engineering ACCESS program and adding requirements for Capability Maturity Model (CMM).

Cooper Communities, Inc., Rogers, AK (Placed by VICS, Inc.)

  • Wrote and improved interfaces and stored procedures for tax collection and mortgage receivable programs, improving flexibility and customization for reports.


Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Bentonville, AK 1997 - 1999

Software Engineer

  • Maintained and developed Quote, Letter of Credit, accounting, and shipping application programs, using PowerBuilder, PFC, and Informix on an IBM AIX 4.23 platform.



Boston University Computer Career Programs, Boston, MA 2003

Oracle & Microsoft Solutions Developer Certificate Program

Clark University Computer Certificate Institute, Cambridge, MA 1996

Certificate in Client-Server Development



Maine Maritime Academy, Castine, ME

Bachelor of Science in Marine Systems Engineering

East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Marketing Major

My Goal

The goal is to provide a solution for a need that is so good that is exposes another solution for another situation.