Overview for WCS-Solutions

We are a website, programming, and database shop.Our goal is to help you find the tools to help you reach your goals or to make your life easier.

Researching the internet can help to provide the tools needed to find workable solutions for many situations.

Any IT Job

For Peacock Builders, I have developed a program with their specifications so they can compare their time sheets to their estimate for building a house. This program was developed using VB.NET and SQL Server.


For Jackson Labs, I have written a program in Java that will run on an old Apple that will take the id from Infrared reader and place it into the computers memory so the id can be pasted into a spreadsheet. This program can easily be expanded to include other data imports such as weight along with the id. The entire data collection process can be saved to a CSV file for an easy database upload. If I can find an interest for these features, I will add these features.

Occasionally, I will get a request from the SWG to import data from an ACCESS database to their current SQL Server database. I have written the scrip to import the data so it can be imported and checked within a couple of hours.


My previous career dealt with producing reports for real estate, limousine, and retailer companies. Currently I am using Crystal Reports with .NET and SQL Server to produce reports.

Also, I can help you get your computer running and can help you to get started with several task.

Please feel free to contact me with your ideas, dreams or desires for programs and websites

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